Retailers Waste over $1 Billion Annually on Fines Associated with Alarm Permits and False Alarms

By: Judy Borchardt, Director of Customer Relations, Iverify There are many mundane tasks that are necessary to the well-being of your business. And as your priorities change from crisis to crisis, the list of tasks that often get temporarily overlooked or permanently forgotten continues to grow. If you're like many retailers, the management of you...
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Breaking News… Nope, Just a False Alarm!

By Gene Stifter, Even though safety devices have been installed, many companies still worry about a disaster striking … fire, break-in, or air pollution due to smoke, carbon monoxide, or gas leakage. The government has mandated the installation of alarms and alerts to keep the public safe in office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotel and new h...
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Be Safe for the Holidays: Your Fire Safety Checklist

According to the National Fire Reporting System, 67 percent of winter fires occur in one-and two-family homes and that nearly 1,000 people die each winter in home fires.The days are shorter, the nights are longer. Temperatures are dropping and the north winds are blowing. This means crackling fires in fireplaces, space heaters turned to the highest...
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Should your child eat chocolate-covered spider legs?

Halloween is just around the corner! Some youngsters have been busy for weeks planning their gruesome costumes. Others reject menacing attire for the more sublime, as in the case of my 4-year-old neighbor who insists on being a "princess."Today's parents are tasked with the ultimate responsibility of making sure the Halloween candy their kids colle...
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Checkview Corporation Supports Twin Cities’ Dakota

By John Bathgate, volunteer for Dakota Woodlands When Nicholas J. Khalil, CEO of Checkview Corporation, learned of Dakota Woodlands (DW) safety and security concerns about its women's homeless shelter facility, Checkview sprang into action.Checkview specializes in safety and security solutions for any type of facility that needs protecting, which m...
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Don’t Know the Code? Decipher It Here.

By Mark Snodgrass, Fire Alarm System Designer, NICET-IV, Checkview Corporation Know Fire CodeDo you have a fire alarm system or sprinkler monitoring system in your building? If so, the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) requires that your system be tested and inspected in order to stay in proper working order. NFPA 72 is the standard that has been ...
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Analog to IP: Discover the Truth about Video Migration

By Scott Hendrickson, Video Product Manager, Checkview CorporationTruth #1: It is Cost Effective.In today's world of technology, balancing the performance of a video system with budget constraints has been a challenge that has kept many systems in the analog realm. The lower cost and performance of analog video may allow Loss Prevention Managers to...
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