Why Iverify? The Answer Revealed!

Why Iverify? The Answer Revealed!

There are many products and services on the market to assist the Retail Loss Prevention industry in reducing shrink and improving safety. Cameras to help keep an eye on shoppers, vendors, and employees; Digital Video Recorders to record the video; policies and procedures to ensure proper processes and efficiencies; and audits to measure compliance...just to name a few.

In a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, it was revealed that 31.8% of retailer respondents are adding more technology resources. It was also revealed that employee theft, shoplifting and vendor fraud are collectively responsible for 79.3% of all retail shrink.

Using CCTV and these other tools to help keep an eye on the various operations of a business has become commonplace over the span of the retail industry. And although these tools have assisted in lowering shrink to some degree, there has been a need to expand the impact of these tools to increase the return on their investment while adding atypical value, such as improving stock levels, improving customer service levels, and improving employee efficiency.

There has never been a single source that offered a solution to all of these complex challenges until now! You no longer have to imagine the possibility of having a single Loss Prevention resource that decreases turnover, employee theft, and customer and vendor theft, all while simultaneously increasing compliance, productivity, customer satisfaction, in-stocks and sales.

You might be unaware of all the shrink and security challenges Iverify can help you solve.

Check out this video that briefly explains why Iverify is right for your company.

About Iverify

Iverify integrates technology, security experience, professionalism and efficiency to deliver the solution customers really need: greater security, plus greater opportunities for additional profitability, all at lower cost. Iverify is committed to making a difference by delivering innovative life safety and property protection solutions, with the core belief that every interaction matters. Iverify has invested over $25 million in professionals, processes and technology to become the recognized industry leader in interactive remote video and audio solutions. Iverify has proven their proprietary solutions can revolutionize security when properly designed and deployed. Visit today to schedule your free consultation.

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