Automotive Asset Protection

A New Style of Protecting Your Auto Assets
Traditional security solutions have not quite provided the optimal coverage needed to protect the cars and trucks sitting on your lot. What if you could implement a security solution that is tethered to the actual car? Would you like to know when a car is breached and be able to react quickly, without relying on manned security guard solutions?

Iverify’s Auto Asset
Protection Solution introduces a new element to the traditional security mix – the Motion Device and Interactive Monitoring. By tying together your alarm panel, alarm system, and security cameras with our Motion Device and Interactive Services, you’ll turbo-charge your security coverage.

The Motion Device
The industrial-grade motion device is placed in auto assets and sends alerts to the integrated security system upon motion. It can be attached to electronic key control system boxes or placed into a car via another method. Its industrial wireless activity detection sensors will detect vibration or sudden movement and are programmed to automatically send an alert to the Iverify Central Station.

The New Process of Reducing Theft
Iverify’s four-step solution helps deter criminals from stealing your cars. When someone breaks a window or moves the car, the Motion Device sends an alert to its wireless base station that is interconnected to your alarm panel. That, in-turn sends an alert to the Iverify Interactive Security Operations Center (SOC). Upon receiving this alert, the Iverify agent reviews video and follows designated protocol – allowing immediate response to movement activity related to one of your cars. 

Infographic Auto Asset Protection The Device

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