Lot Defender
After Hours Car Lot Intrusion System

  • After-Hours First Response
  • Prevent Theft, Damage and Vandalism
  • Property Video Analytics
  • Security On Demand
  • First Responder
  • Real-time Interaction
  • Video Verification
  • Live Audio Intervention
  • Pro Active Virtual Guard Tours
  • Physical Guard Elimination
  • Vehicle Delivery Supervision

Day & Night Operational Tool

  • Prevent internal theft
  • Eliminate False Claims of Service Damage
  • Increase Operational Compliance
  • Onsite Accident Verification
  • Maximize Employee Safety & Productivity
  • Lot Visibility - No More Blind Spots
  • Sales Optimization
  • Incident Video Retrieval

Return on Investment

  • Real quantifiable results from real customers using tiered solutions to fit their needs
  • Four month ROI of activation costs with ongoing 75% savings per month from guard elimination
  • Reduction of vehicle theft and vandalism
  • Creation of safer working environment, reduction of liability, reduced employee turnover, and lower training costs
  • Provides virtual management tool assuring compliance

Eliminate Guard Costs

  • We offer customized solutions for your security challenges and budget constraints.
  • Replace one security guard with ever-present security utilizing our CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Monitoring Centers and proactive, real-time remote guard tour.
  • Highly trained for your business model with perimeter, showroom and service bay security.
  • Reduce your liability by knowing your assets and your employees are always protected.

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