Recognizing the special needs of financial institutions, Iverify's unique real-time interactive video capabilities provide far more cost effective protection than traditional guards, including:

  • Safety for employees, customers, vendors with vendor entry, opening/closing escorts and remote arming/disarming of property
  • Protection of assets with standard, video verification, interactive or exterior burglar alarm monitoring, and response to handsets, panics or call boxes
  • Interior Protection with safe, vault and ATM openings/closings
  • Exterior Protection with standard, video verification, interactive or exterior burglar alarm monitoring
  • Verify vendor activity after hours (cleaning crews, ATM Service) with standard, interactive or exterior burglar alarm monitoring, video verification and remote arming/disarming
  • Other areas of concern – operational and safety audits – violations are recorded in InSight reporting and communicated to appropriate people
  • Documentation for bank audit reports with InSight reporting

As a result of Iverify’s monitoring and protection services, a financial institution is able to deter several unsuccessful burglary attempts. With interactive audio capabilities, bank employees can communicate directly with protection specialists to discourage any criminal activity. Video monitoring services give protection specialists the ability to monitor suspicious activity at any location and enhance the need to capture images of suspects for law enforcement. This innovative approach to protection has led to the capture and arrest of criminals attempting to penetrate the banks’ ATMs and vaults. Because of the high level of service provided, Iverify has far exceeded expectations and has continued to maintain quality customer service over time.


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