Banking Services

Premium security for an ever-changing, at-risk environment
Quickly and economically reduce threats with unrivaled 4x7 real-time protection and notification procedures


High-risk is the nature of your business

Whether transactional or after-hours, the risk to banks, credit unions, and other customer-facing financial institutions is extreme. Providing comprehensive security is more than a simple cost of doing business — it's an obligation to your employees and customers. Simply stated, your best-case scenario involving an unprotected intrusion is a federally insured after-hours theft or an ATM cash trapping event. Your worst-case scenario includes severe or fatal injuries to loyal employees and innocent customers. Either way, your assets, and liability are thoroughly at risk 24x7.

Leading-edge service requires leading-edge protection

Combined with the fact that financial institutions are public-facing, providing enhanced banking services increases your vulnerability, and managing an open door policy while continuing to offer adequate security can be an operational nightmare. Having a robust protection system in place will deter those who wish to cause harm and allow your staff and customers to safely and securely conduct business.

Proactively protect your assets, employees, and customers

Our interactive audio capabilities allow bank employees to communicate directly with Iverify's highly trained protection specialists to discourage criminal activity. Likewise, our certified video monitoring services provide real-time monitoring of suspicious activity at multiple locations to quickly capture images of suspects for law enforcement.

Catch them while you can

Iverify's leading-edge approach to protection has proven to lead to the quick apprehension and arrest of those attempting to penetrate ATMs, threaten counter service employees/customers, and infiltrate vaults/secure areas of your facilities. Our high-level of service far exceeds your current needs and will continue to provide superior and economical protection as you upgrade your security requirements:

  • Safety for employees, customers, and vendors with vendor entry, opening/closing escorts, and remote arming/disarming of property
  • Safeguarding assets with quick response to handsets, panics, or call boxes
  • Interior security with verified safe, vault, and ATM openings/closings
  • Exterior protection with video verification and interactive or exterior burglar alarm monitoring
  • Documented vendor activity after hours (cleaning crews, ATM service) with standard, interactive or exterior burglar alarm monitoring, video verification, and remote arming/disarming
Premier solutions available to meet the full range of your security needs:
  • Iverify LiVE: enables your business to effortlessly and economically add this leading-edge live video option to your existing protection regimen

  • Intrusion Alarm & Response Monitoring: protection against break-ins, vandalism, and burglary

  • Fire Systems, UL with Response Monitoring: custom designed, installed, and inspected alarm systems

  • Digital CCTV Systems: a sophisticated video surveillance system, allowing you to have “eyes” in many places

  • OSHA Audits & Alarm Permit Management Services: taking the burden of Alarm Permit Management off your staff so they can focus on other important initiatives



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