Commercial Property 

Protecting office complexes, distribution outlets, warehouses, and manufacturing centers
Economically provides commercial, industrial, and residential security for properties of any type and size with leading-edge real-time video surveillance


Small and large commercial properties alike have to deal with the reality of theft and vandalism

On-site security teams, property owners, and managers have to control the cost of services, provide quality customer service to maximize tenant satisfaction, and guarantee the safety of both residents and visitors. Commercial  properties of all types and sizes have benefitted from:

  • Virtual guard tours
  • Video escort to and from parking lots
  • Perimeter security
  • Intrusion security
  • Tenant safety
  • Reduced liability
See it as it is 

Granted, having a physical presence can deter potential criminal activity. However, it is a proven fact that humans only see what they think they saw. Iverify offers a host of interactive video surveillance solutions that ensure you see what's actually threatened rather than how someone imagines it — easily monitoring employee, customer, and visitor behavior that can be quickly accessed to verify criminal activity.

Your customized and economical benefits
  • Inspect and verify premises and parking lots across multiple sites

  • Deter crime, defuse situations, reassure customers, protect employees, by expanding your security team through audio interactivity and our dedicated monitoring team via our Interactive Security Operations Center “The I

  • Upgrade as your business grows to eliminate an expensive overhaul of your CCTV [T2] network   

  • See through visual obstructions via thermal imaging cameras with multiple lens options, including both IP and Analog connectivity and image contrast enhancements

  • Deliver Access Control systems that economically manage anything from a single door to thousands of entries at multiple locations

Premier solutions available to meet the full range of your security needs 
  • Iverify LiVE: enables your business to effortlessly and economically add this leading-edge live video option to your existing protection regimen
  • Intrusion Alarm & Response Monitoring: protection against break-ins, vandalism, and burglary
  • Fire Systems, UL with Response Monitoring: custom designed, installed, and inspected alarm systems
  • Access Control: door controls, card readers, key fobs, etc.
  • Digital CCTV Systems: a sophisticated video surveillance system, allowing you to have “eyes” in many places
  • OSHA Audits & Alarm Permit Management Services: taking the burden of Alarm Permit Management off your staff so they can focus on other important initiatives

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