Department Stores

Safeguarding lives and ensuring loss-prevention across your premises
Proactively reduce your risk while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and privacy 


Minimize loss and protect what counts most

The primary objective of your department store's security protocol is to minimize loss while protecting your physical and financial assets. Depending on size, the number of entrances and services you offer, addressing privacy concerns of customers and maximizing their shopping experience while safeguarding what makes you successful can be difficult.

Profits vs. privacy doesn't have to be an "either/or" conundrum

Iverify offers a host of interactive video surveillance solutions that manage this mix of requirements: providing location-specific videos that ensure ample coverage to prevent loss and vandalism while maintaining the privacy of your staff and customers in areas such as restrooms and changing stalls. Because we understand your business needs, Iverify can easily monitor customer behavior without undermining how they're treated. Our digital records provide continuous surveillance that can be quickly accessed for verification of possible criminal activity.
Your customized and economical benefits
  • Inspect and verify premises, displays, inventory, doors, safes, parking lots, ATMs, and cash registers across multiple sites

  • Deter crime, defuse situations, reassure customers, and protect employees through audio interactivity from our Interactive Security Operations Center “The I”

  • Reduce shrink and theft by as much as 50% without deploying  additional physical security guards

  • Improve employee productivity and morale through supporting a safe working environment, and reinforcing positive behavior

  • Assure operational compliance for marketing and customer service, while controlling its costs

  • Minimize fraudulent customer liability and worker compensation claims

  • Reduce after-hour false alarm expenses

Premier solutions available to meet the full range of your security needs 
  • Iverify LiVE: enables your business to effortlessly and economically add this leading-edge live video option to your existing protection regimen
  • Intrusion Alarm & Response Monitoring: protection against break-ins, vandalism, and burglary
  • Fire Systems, UL with Response Monitoring: custom designed, installed, and inspected alarm systems
  • Access Control: door controls, card readers, key fobs, etc.
  • Digital CCTV Systems: a sophisticated video surveillance system, allowing you to have “eyes” in many places
  • OSHA Audits & Alarm Permit Management Services: taking the burden of Alarm Permit Management off your staff so they can focus on other important initiatives


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