Real Results for Loss Prevention & Operations

Intelligent Alarm Systems: Our intelligence-based alarm systems reduce shrink by greatly limiting opportunities for employee and vendor theft. Our system was designed with grocery in mind and allows us to separate the store into areas, thereby providing automated time windows for production.

Digital CCTV with Remote Monitoring: Allow us to assess your current CCTV solutions to determine ways we can help leverage your Return on Investment (ROI). Iverify has a myriad of solutions that allow you to monitor stores remotely and efficiently, regardless of your IT structure.

DSD Vendor Defender™ Program: Iverify understands the losses caused by not only dishonest DSD vendors, but also by employees not following procedures. Our Vendor Defender™ solution protects your assets throughout the DSD process while you focus on other areas of your business.

Remote Auditing: Turn your CCTV system from a liability to an asset with Iverify’s team of highly trained security professionals.

Safety Monitoring: Are your employees working as safely as your Safety Program expects? Let Iverify’s highly trained professionals conduct remote audits for you that will provide the necessary information needed for managers to either coach or commend employees on their safe work practices.

Cash Control Verification: Iverify understands that cutting corners during the Deposit Verification process leaves your cash assets susceptible to theft and errors. Let Iverify perform remote audits for you to ensure your procedures are followed. Just knowing the Deposit Verification process is being monitored increases the likelihood your employees and managers will follow protocol.

Interactive Video/Audio: Real-time audio response is at the heart of Iverify’s unique approach: the ability to interact in real time with customers and employees, respond to high risk situations, and coordinate first responder activity in concert with real-time video feeds from alarms or guard tours. All responses come from full-time, highly trained security professionals in "The I."

Stock-on-Hand Verification: Increase your value-add by using your CCTV system to help keep your stores in-stock. Iverify understand that increasing sales reduces shrink and we’re here to help.

LP Awareness Solutions: Iverify’s solutions help put the "Prevention" back in Loss Prevention. When you partner with Iverify, our goal is to prevent losses. That's why we offer optional LP Awareness communication materials to educate your employees, vendors, and potential shoplifters on solutions.

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