Access Control

Merchandise that disappears during a 24-hour period can be staggering and can cost your company. With the help of video cameras, theft is discouraged and often catches others trying to walk out the front door. But what about the back and side doors? Employees are moving throughout the store during the day working diligently. These employees are helping customers, stocking shelves, cleaning, and many other tasks needed to help your business succeed. Unfortunately, as items walk out the front door, even more is slipping out the back and side doors. The employee entrance doors, receiving doors and compactor doors are also opportunities through which merchandise can disappear.

Iverify's electronic access control systems can manage a small single door web based application or thousands of doors from multiple locations on an enterprise-wide system. Increase visibility by granting or restricting access to specific areas of your building. As a true extension of your team, we keep you compliant with local/federal regulations and insurance requirements.

Let Iverify be an extension of your team. Let us help you protect your assets not just after-hours, but during business hours as well. you don’t have to.


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