Digital CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Systems with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Dependable “eyes” in many places without the cost of a physical presence
Quickly and economically benefit from a comprehensive security management plan that offers you a leading-edge video surveillance system tailored to your business and budgetary needs.


Summon our advanced security technology to protect your valuable assets
At Iverify, we understand that the most efficient way to secure your business is by installing comprehensive protective measures that deter vandals and thieves before they can damage valuable property or put your employees and customers at risk.

Experience total peace of mind by leveraging our unrivaled expertise and technology systems that seamlessly integrate video, intrusion, and building management functions together with access control systems — shielding your business from unnecessary peril while protecting your customers, employees, and profits.

Your fully integrated video management solution
An existing or new Digital CCTV System can be part of your thoroughly integrated video management option — suitable for both small and large applications — offering a centralized approach to reduce your security costs.

You will also be able to monitor multiple locations, moving from manned positions to more productive places as your requirements shift daily; while simultaneously viewing high-threat areas with advanced video surveillance and sophisticated access control technology.

Record in the cloud or on premises
The future is in the cloud. We’ll configure your CCTV system to run on a robust cloud-based video management system. The video bridge is easily installed on-site, connects to your cameras, records video locally, and then securely synchronizes both video and metadata to the cloud. Our robust, secure appliance is specifically designed to overcome the demands and risks of transmitting high-resolution video through the Internet. If you prefer or require on-premises storage, we continue to offer and support a full range of recording devices to meet your business needs.

Take advantage of a wide-range of digital CCTV options
You can benefit from of a variety of digital CCTV cameras, including Radiometric Thermal and Thermal Imaging Cameras that can pick up invisible heat radiation emitted by objects independent of lighting conditions — resulting in fewer false alarms. You can also turn your passive CCTV system into a thoroughly monitored solution with Iverify’s Interactive Video Service.

Your immediate benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Prompting instant alarms and inducing an instant response from security personnel, while reducing the cost of false alarms with alarm verification
  • Taking advantage of a high-quality consistent service across all your locations
  • Providing a safe environment for employees and customers with intelligent video to detect suspicious behavior and deter potential threats
  • Minimizing security expenses and sleeping better at night with greater 24x7 remote monitoring of your property from our Interactive Security Operations Center ("The I”) and Central Station
  • Easily validate liability claims
  • Mitigating shrink loss
  • Upgrading security as your business grows and eliminating the need for a complete and expensive overhaul of your CCTV network


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