Fire Protection Systems

Custom-designing, installing, inspecting, and monitoring your complete 24x7 fire protection system
Expertly and economically providing a broad range of schemes to proactively ensure the protection of your business, employees, and customers around the clock.

Satisfying all your fire code requirements
All of Iverify's fire alarm system designers are NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified, thereby ensuring that your exclusive system meets or exceeds all national, state, and local fire code requirements. Our extensive range of leading-edge technologies ensures your superior fire alert systems are securely in place and a critical instant response is activated via our Interactive Security Operations Center ("The I”) and Central Station.

It's not only about compliance
Adequate fire safety is about more than just accordance with the law. Underlying all our work in this field is a dedicated commitment to install the perfect fire protection system for your business: one that will save lives, time, and money while minimizing liability and reducing insurance costs. Also, you can effortlessly take advantage of our unrivaled expertise and technology to seamlessly integrate with and complement your existing fire alarm system.

Substantial benefits:
  • Reduced monthly insurance premiums and minimize liability
  • Further reduce costs with integrated technologies to replace dedicated telephone lines, helping save on monthly charges
  • Seamless installation: working closely with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to assure your system is fully operational from day one
  • Design certification to ensure your custom solution satisfies all national, state, and local fire codes
  • Monitoring from our UL listed “Five Diamond” Central Station, including elevator emergency telephone monitoring
  • Radiometric thermal cameras, providing improved accuracy, moveable and resizable user selectable spot-meter, temperature precision, and image metric features to enable query cameras for scene temperature data via serial command
  • Wireless smoke detectors which include synchronized sounders featuring multiple applications, including synchronization panel for all wired and wireless devices.



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