Intelligent Intrusion Alarm Systems

Keep your business safe with our Intelligent Intrusion Alarm Systems
Avoid break-ins, vandalism, and burglaries with our Intelligent Intrusion Alarm system specifically tailored to meet all of your budgetary and security requirements

Law enforcement agencies buy into it — you should too

A sophisticated Intrusion Alarm system can protect your business, employees, and customers from being victims of crime. Installing an intrusion alarm system is recommended by all law enforcement as the most cautious measure any company can take to reduce life-risks and minimize liability.

Bring unrivaled intelligence to your alarm system

In addition to the intrinsic safety benefits of an intrusion alarm system, Iverify believes you should leverage this asset to drive additional value throughout your business. We’ll empower you with advanced reporting tools that enable you to monitor daily activity entering and leaving your premises.
When there is an intrusion, the multi-zoned intelligent alarm system is immediately activated to notify our Monitoring Center quickly. We then respond according to your safety protocols to ensure that your property and inventory is protected from impending and/or further damage.

Automated reporting provides peace of mind

  • Open and close reports give you the power to closely monitor when employees are opening and closing each location
  • Exception reports target unusual events that ‘weed out’ normal every day activity
  • Advanced reports allow you to specify unique requirements and special handling instructions
Customized service to meet your budgetary and protection needs

Your Intelligent Intrusion Alarm System is tailored to consider a host of variables, such as your security protocols, location, budget, and level of protection required.

Bundled services designed to maximize your protection

  • Video Verification Services: eliminate false alarms and improve response time by leveraging our Interactive Security Operations Center ("The I") to visually inspect your premises, determine the exact nature of the alarm signal, and immediately notify first responders as required
  • Fire Protection Servicescombine fire and intrusion alarm systems to coordinate, report, and manage essential services with a single provider who is committed to your business
  • CCTV and Interactive Video Services: 24x7 eyes on your property to coordinate multiple signals coming from your premises is and ensure the appropriate response
  • Business Intelligence: transform your audio and video security data into added value across your organization.
Take the next step to properly secure your business by leveraging our leading-edge security technologies to help you drive business value and protect your assets.



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