Iverify LiVE

Explore the new style of live video from Iverify. Cloud-based, network friendly, and easy to install
Implement the full-value and benefits of video to protect your employees, customers, property, and inventory   
Take advantage of our highly trained professionals who can monitor video to quickly react to your burglar alarm signals and unwanted activity at your premises
The Iverify LiVE video monitoring and verification service enables your business to effortlessly and economically add this leading-edge live video option to your existing protection regimen. How? Because we have recently partnered with Eagle Eye Networks, the leading global provider of cloud-based video surveillance solutions addressing the needs of businesses, alarm companies, security integrators, and individuals. Eagle Eye’s 100% cloud managed solutions provide cloud and on-premises recording, bank-level security, and encryption, as well as broad analog and digital camera support — all accessed via the web and/or mobile applications. 
Video Security solution that your IT team will love

With old-school solutions, easily leveraging your video assets and sharing them across your enterprise can be difficult because of the negative impact they have on the network where the system is installed. Iverify LiVE solves this dilemma by storing video in the cloud and routing users who access a video stream to the cloud servers and not the video on premises.

It's not "pie-in-the-sky"—  It's securely cloud-based

Pie-in-the-sky is what you dream about and is not likely to be realized. A secure cloud-based option is what you get, guaranteed. Iverify LiVE runs on a robust cloud-based video management system. The video bridge is easily installed on-site, records video locally, and then securely synchronizes both video and metadata to the cloud. Iverify LiVE either utilizes your existing cameras or supplies new IP cameras to meet your business needs – it’s your choice. It is a robust, secure appliance specifically designed to overcome the demands and risks of transmitting high-resolution video through the Internet.

Best-in-class cybersecurity

The cloud video bridge has Complete Privacy Encryption™, where the video is entirely encrypted during transmission and at rest. The bridge also has no open ports to the Internet, eliminating security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems and minimizing router and/or firewall adjustments. Cameras are locked down and not accessible from the Internet, which stops cameras from being attacked or compromised. Firmware and security patches are automatically applied instantly – ensuring your video solution is protected from the latest online threat.

Your video bridge options and benefits:
  • Base Model: designed for locations where space is at a premium, the fanless bridge makes no noise, supports up to 8 IP cameras, as well as one local monitor for display and has a solid state drive (SSD) for added ruggedness

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Camera): if you have existing cameras, you can easily plug them into the BYOC device and reap all of the benefits of Iverify LiVE. The bridge supports both analog and IP digital cameras — helping you today and well into the future

  • Bridge devices carry a lifetime warranty and are replaced at no cost in the event of failure

  • Economically upgrade Iverify LiVE service with different cameras and storage options.


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