Vendor Defender

Direct Service Delivery (DSD) protection specifically designed to meet your security and budgetary needs
Inexperienced Direct Service Delivery (DSD) vendors and lackadaisical employees who fail to follow established delivery procedures will negatively impact your bottom line.


Our cost-efficient, flexible, and responsive DSD process reduces supply chain time and protects you against the risk of theft and vandalism. Now is the time to provide your company with a wide-range of checks and balances that will protect all your sites.

Focus on what makes you profitable

Iverify's Vendor Defender™ solution protects your assets throughout the DSD process while allowing you to focus on other profit-making areas of your business. Your custom-built solution will provide visual confirmation that truck-seal procedures are followed, entice employees, vendors, and delivery drivers to follow company SOP, prevent delivery drivers from exiting with unauthorized merchandise, increase sales via more accurate inventory accounting, and eliminate the cost on on-site audits.

Your Vendor Defender auditing options

 DSD live- and post-delivery check-in audits

  • Customized audio voice down alerts to vendor and DSD receiver to begin check-in process

  • Live monitoring by a dedicated Iverify protection specialist who remotely accesses pre-recorded video and ensures customer SOP is followed (i.e., vendor removes credits before delivery; receiver & vendor are not talking; all boxes are opened and inspected; your receiver, not the vendor, counting product).

Warehouse driver live- and post-delivery audits
  • Customized audio voice down alerts to vendor and DSD receiver to begin check-in process

  • Iverify protection specialist remotely views pre-recorded video and ensures adherence to your SOP (i.e., store associate, not driver, verified seal before opening truck; pallets down-stacked and off-loaded appropriately; tail-end pallets packed in truck safely; your associate, not the driver, reseals truck).

Live- and post-unattended delivery audits
  • Customizable voice down alerts driver the delivery will be monitored in real-time

  • Iverify protection specialist disarms the alarm system after authenticating driver’s arrival and re-arms alarm system after delivery

  • Protection specialist also accesses pre-recorded video and ensures your SOP is followed (i.e., delivery time window/time limit; driver stays within pre-determined area; doors re-secured; etc.)


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