Video Verification

Install real-time video verification to protect your customers, business, and profits
Improve your security, shorten response times from first-responders, and reduce risk of false alarms
Receive prompt and focused protection instead of cost-draining false alarms

A robust video verification service is an excellent option for your business. Our Video Verification system removes the guessing game of what caused an unwanted intrusion (indoors and outdoors) and allows you to benefit from a quick and direct dispatch from law enforcement. From our Interactive Security Operations Center (“The I” ), our expert professionals validate any alarm visually, and if intruders are present, will dispatch police immediately — helping you avoid the unnecessary cost of a false alarm.

Protecting your costs is good — protecting your customers, employees, and property is better

While it's important to focus on the potential cost savings of reducing or eliminating false alarms, the real added benefit is an increase in security and added safety for your business, your customers, and your employees. Also, our Intrusion Alarm solution will respond to your activations initiated from alarm devices (e.g., door contacts, motions, glass breaks) that occur after business hours. The response you’ll receive is fact-based and will help you reap more value out of your existing alarm infrastructure.

Proactively protect your assets, employees, and customers

Our interactive audio capabilities allow bank employees to communicate directly with Iverify's highly trained protection specialists to discourage criminal activity. Likewise, our certified video monitoring services provide real-time monitoring of suspicious activity at multiple locations to quickly capture images of suspects for law enforcement.

"Priority 3" vs. "Priority 1"

Currently, an alarm signal receives a “Priority 3” routine-response from law enforcement, whereas a verified event using Video Verification services receives a “Priority 1” reaction and is treated as an “in progress” event — getting first-responders to your premises more quickly to minimize theft, damage, and injury.

Ensure that you have a "Priority 1" response 24x7

Video verification as a service is designed as an add-on service, so whether you have Digital CCTV, Intrusion Alarm, Fire Protection or other market-based solutions, Iverify can quickly scale your services to include this economical and beneficial step.

 Your benefits include:
  • 24x7 supervised video alarm monitoring
  • Fact-based responses will help you reap more value out of your existing alarm infrastructure.
  • Quick response to early-or-late-to-open and early-or-late-to-close signals
  • Better security and likelihood of apprehensions
  • False alarm reduction, greater customer safety, and improved law enforcement response times
  • Potential decrease in liability and insurance costs.

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