Monitoring Center / Customer Response Center

Iverify aligns technology, information, processes, and people for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. What sets us apart from the competition is our proven Interactive Security Operations Center (SOC), by creating a safer environment for our clients’ employees and their customers – while protecting their assets and reducing shrinkage.

From the Monitoring Center our teams of experienced security professionals can visually inspect and verify premises, assets, inventory, doors, safes, parking lots, equipment, ATMs and cash registers. They can monitor possible intruders, employee and customer activity, assure compliance, and respond with real-time audio.

Real-time audio response is at the heart of Iverify’s unique approach: the ability to interact with customers and employees, respond to high-risk situations, and coordinate activity with local first responders.

When you think about it, Iverify re-defines the whole concept of video security. Because there’s far more value in real-time action than there can possibly be in after-the-fact documentation.




Many Iverify customers come to us because their problems haven’t been resolved by any other security solution. We know there is no standard answer, so we define and deliver technical solutions designed to meet the business and security goals of each individual client.
Iverify has built a technology infrastructure that fully integrates live multimedia communication with modern security and communications systems via the Internet. The system can easily manage the high volume of inbound and outbound information coming through our audio and video monitoring center – regardless of the ”channel”:
  • Telephone
  • Web-based audio and video
  • Email
  • Web chat
  • Voicemail
  • Fax
Iverify’s integrated technology improves how information traffic is managed. Applying a set of protocols custom designed for each individual client, we align technology, information and people for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. We also understand that our customers’ needs are regularly changing, so Iverify continually evaluates and upgrades hardware, software and middleware, dynamically changing how our system responds to information based on our customers’ current needs, and adapting seamlessly as technology, systems and data channels evolve.

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